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I have the same unit, wasn't aware of the extra screen filter in the shutoff valve. Thanks for that heads-up.
While both my previous eu2200 and this eu3000is have been totally reliable I have found that Honda, in its due diligence mindset, can over-engineer and/or produce parts with such a high degree of fine tolerance that, conversely, there's a low tolerance for user neglect or lack of maintenance. The fuel system seems a prime offender.
For example, the main jet in the carb of the 2200 genset is such small diameter that I discovered no amount of gas treatment would stop it from clogging if I left unused for as little as one month. Not kidding.
I have learned to shut the fuel valve off and then run these Hondas until out of gas, which has worked for to keep the carbs ready for use after months of inactivity.
I know this doesn't help your issue one bit. I do hope you continue to post here your continuing saga.
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