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Well, I have mixed results, and I ran out of time last night, and had no time today to sort it out completely.

My memory from last weekend is that when I hung a gravity fed fuel source direct to the carb, bypassing the EU3000 tank, filters, fuel valve etc... that the generator ran beautifully, distinctly differently than when fed by gravity from the fuel tank as it should be. Hope to have linked a photo from FB. Not sure if that violates policies.

Now I wonder if I'm losing my mind. (Wouldn't be the first time. While I'm board certified in delivering babies and gyn issues, small gas engines are not my area of expertise.)

I put in a brand new fuel valve, with its built in fuel filter, and a new in tank screen that all comes together in a single parts bag from Honda. You can buy the individual parts (filter, valve, O rings, strainer) separately too.

Im still having some fuel starvation issues, but to be sure, (in retrospect) I poured in very, very little of the ethanol free gas in my test, it may not have been enough to run smoothly.

At the cost of the ethanol free gas at Menards/Home Depot, I'm sorely tempted to follow the DIY route, and make my own. This weekend, I'll fill the tank more fully, and see if I can finally run with the choke in as it should be. I did take off the spark arrestor, and it wasn't bad, just on the off hand chance it was a contributing factor.... Its about all thats left to adjust aside from valve clearance, and inspecting for carbon build up with a scope.

Incidentally, there is a 5 amp fuse for the starter on the side of the genset once the front cover is off. Mine was blown, which was sweet to find as a fresh battery to replace the one that wouldn't take a charge didn't solve the problem until I checked that fuse.
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