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Originally Posted by RedOctobyr View Post
Could you try to test for that by leaving the load connected, and seeing if it starts to come back as the connection cools? Or maybe also have something like an incandescent light connected? Something that might respond to a partial restoration of power (glowing dimly, vs a device that simply won't turn on until it gets 100V). You could also leave the Kill-A-Watt connected, to monitor what's going on as it happens.
You could but depending on bleed voltage it may be awhile. Bleed voltage is voltage that is present but much lower than rated. Once a connection gets hot it takes very little amperage (Voltage X resistance)to keep it hot an open.

Once you know how a device, system, ect operates, finding the root cause in the event chain is easy. Until then, you will always be chasing/repairing the effects. Learning is a life time event, if you want to outsmart, whatever item you want to repair.
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