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Originally Posted by Predator View Post
I have a new (10 hrs run time) Pulsar PG2000IS.
It's rated for 2000Watts Peak, 1600Watts running - 13 Amps

Inverter Generator (Comparable to the Honda Eu2000is)

Found out today (using a Kill-A-Watt tool) that it stops generating power at 800watts or 7Amps. (I notice these values are half the rated value)

The voltage is fine at 123v

The Overload light never comes on at all. It just stops putting out any power at all until I unplug the device that's plugged into one of the outlets, and plug it back in.
it is not necessary to press any reset buttons or circuit breakers. Just unplugging the load and plugging it back in restores power.

I find this odd.
Anyone run into this problem before?
If the voltage is in fact going away under load then returns right after the load is removed you have a connection that is opening up via heat, an may re-power as soon as it cools down. Common electrical issue, nothing more. It can be tracked down in many different ways depending your skill level, an metering or lack thereof, on hand.

Once you know how a device, system, ect operates, finding the root cause in the event chain is easy. Until then, you will always be chasing/repairing the effects. Learning is a life time event, if you want to outsmart, whatever item you want to repair.
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